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100 Faces of Pride

During September 2021 members of Hawaii's LGBTQIA+ community shared a portrait and a story at @HonoluluPride on Instagram, culminating in 100 Faces of Pride on Oct. 1, the beginning of Honolulu Pride Month. Exploring the diversity of LGBTQIA+ people and their experiences, and highlighting individual's work in philanthropy, activism, business and culture, Faces Of Pride celebrates pride for Hawai’i and our communities, and most importantly, pride in living our truth.

Selections from IG @HonoluluPride

Faces Of Pride

  • JD Tanuvasa

    He / Him / She / Her / They / Them depending on my energy

    JD Tanuvasa

  • Maurice and Baxton Tokuda-Higashi

    He / Him

    Maurice and Baxton Tokuda-Higashi

  • D Dangaran

    They / Them

    D Dangaran

  • Desiree

    She / Her / They / Their


  • Dan Foley

    He / Him / His

    Dan Foley

  • Nathaniel

    He / Him


  • Dean Hamer and Joe Wilson

    He / Him / His

    Dean Hamer and Joe Wilson

  • Anna Mei

    He / She / They out of Drag, She / They in Drag

    Anna Mei

  • Lise and Jasmine

    They / Them / She / They

    Lise and Jasmine

  • Nadek-Kiel, Elwood and Kedan

    Nadek-Kiel, Elwood and Kedan

  • William

    He / Him / His


  • Dr. Kevin Kiyoshi Tomita

    They / Them

    Dr. Kevin Kiyoshi Tomita

  • Stephanie Miki

    They / Them / She / Her

    Stephanie Miki

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