Honolulu PrideHonolulu Pride

Honolulu Pride After Party

Honolulu Pride After Party

Hosted by Candi Shell and Matt Guevara, with DJ Keala Kennelly and Dane Neves. Featuring Coming Out Stories from Hawaii’s LGBTQIA+ community, a performance by Johnny The Third, and preceded by a video of the first-ever Kapaemahu Ceremony to honor and give respect to the pōhaku, ancestors, and history. Take a look and move your mind, body and soul, and keep the LGBTQIA+ aloha growing and flowing.

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Our volunteers created this year's virtual Pride celebrations with the participation of Hawaii's LGBTQIA+ community. Let us know what you thought of Tiny Floats, Shaka And Shine, the Coming Out Stories and all of our 2021 programs. Mahalo!